Alla Prima Portrait in One Day

Getting an essence of the likeness, determining the most important information and making a simple statement with paint are some of the hardest things to grasp in a fast gestural portrait painting.

Alla Prima portraits a made from life. The portrait can be done at the artist's studio in Philadelphia, or at the home of the subject in one or two sessions. The length of the session is in general about 6 hours long not including breaks.

Realist Portrait Painting

The first meeting can be either at the sitter’s home, or at the artist's studio. The basic composition, size, pose, format, type of clothing, tone, background, and lighting are all considered.

During this initial visit the artist also enjoys the opportunity to paint a head sketch in oil of the subject from life. Approximately three hours is needed to complete the sketch. This study adds an additional resource the artist finds valuable when planning the final portrait.

A series of photographs are taken. At the conclusion of the photo-shoot, the artist and the client will review the photos on a laptop computer. Together they will make a final selection the artist will use as reference to create the portrait in the studio.

The artist would prefer to paint the portrait completely from life, if the client is available to pose. If the client can’t pose during the entire process of creating the portrait, the artist may request an additional sitting to be conducted either in the artist's Philadelphia studio, or at the client's location.

A final sitting is suggested to complete the portrait. In some cases photographs of the finished portrait can be sent to the client for approval upon completion.

On a rare occasion that the subject is not available (as in a posthumous portrait), the portrait can be created using available photographs.




Child (16 y.o. and younger)

Alla Prima Portrait Sketch (up to two sittings), 20 x 16”



Realist Portrait.  Head and Shoulders, up to 24 x 20”



Realist Portrait.  Half Figure with Hands, up to 30 x 24”



Realist Portrait.  Three Quarter Figure, up to 40 x 30”



Realist Portrait.  Full Figure, up to 48 x 36”



The above prices should serve as guidelines only. Please contact the artist to discuss your special requirements.

Price quotes for additional figures on the same canvas are available upon request. Travel expenses are not included. Framing and shipping are in addition to the price listed above. A deposit of 50% will be due in advance. The balance is due at a completion of a commission and an acceptance by the client.

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